Most of our parking spaces are on the side and rear of our facility, so if it looks full in front--don't worry!--there's probably plenty of spots in the back.

Your Children

We provide childcare for 0-5 year old's during Sunday School (10am) and the morning Worship Service (11am). Kids 5 and older can go to their own class during Sunday School. Kids 5-10 sit with parents for the singing during the morning Worship Service, but may go to Children's Church just before the sermon starts. Please pick up your children promptly from Sunday School or Children's Church when concluded.

Sunday School

Sunday School means Bible study for all age groups, children through adults. It starts at 10am. We have classes for 1st-5th grade and 6th-12th grade. We have two mixed-adult classes, two women-only classes, and one men-only class.

Morning Worship Service

Our main service starts at 11am. If you face the church from the front, it's held in the building on the left. If you have children in Sunday School, please pick them up at their class and bring them with you. Kids aged 5-10 can go out to Children's Church just before the sermon begins. When you arrive, you should receive a bulletin with the order of service and other information. As our guest, we would love for you to fill out the information slip in the bulletin and put it in the offering plate when it comes around. This will enable us to contact you to see if we can serve you in any way or answer any questions you have. You may sit wherever you want during the service, and there is no dress code. We have music, a brief time of greeting one another, an offering, and a sermon from God's Word. We usually get done around noon or maybe a few minutes later. As a visitor, you are not expected to put money in the offering plate.

Other Services

Prayer Meeting on Sunday evenings at 6pm is held in the main sanctuary. If you come for Youth Group at 6pm on Sunday evening (held once a month), park on the right side of the church and come in the youth door (there's a sign on the door). We're done on Sunday evenings around 7pm.

If you come for Wednesday Bible Study, it is held in the main sanctuary at 6:30pm. During this service, we sing a couple songs, pray for a few minutes, and have a Bible study. We finish by 7:30pm.


If you have any other questions about our church, you can click on  "CONTACT/MAP" at the top and fill in the form, or email our secretary directly at The secretary is available Tuesday - Thursday, so if you need to communicate outside those days, you may email the pastor at

We Hope to Welcome You Soon!

Information for Visitors

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